Whitman MyWeb

Whitman MyWebMyWeb is the Webspace provided to the Whitman Community. MyWeb space is created on request. if you are looking to get web space or if you need additional assistance please contact Whitman IT at (315) 443-2342 or e-mail wsmhelp@syr.edu

Your web space address is: http://myweb.whitman.syr.edu/NetID

Open Web FolderOpen MyWeb Folder: (IE8 Only)

To access your web space please enter your web space name in the textbox below. This is normally your NetID, then click Open Folder View.

When prompted for your username and password enter your NetId and password.

 Open your web folder here
(ex. jsmith)

Open in Web Folder View

Manual My Web InstructionsManual Instructions:

The following instructions assume that you are using Internet Explorer (5 or Higher) as your web browser. Note: Only HTTPS (SSL) connections are supported.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. From the File menu, select Open.
  3. In the Open field, enter the following URL, replace your NetID at the end: https://myweb.whitman.syr.edu/NetID(Please note the HTTPS)
  4. Select the checkbox labeled Open as Web Folder, then click OK.
  5. When prompted for your user name and password, enter your NetID and password.

    NOTE: Do not select the Remember my password checkbox if you are using a public or shared computer. For security reasons, Whitman IT recommends that you do not select the option to remember your password, even if you are using a private machine.

  6. Click OK. The disk share containing your files opens in "folder view" inside Internet Explorer. You can work with files in this view just as you would with a mapped drive. (For example, you can drag-and-drop files from one location to another.)

    NOTE: When you have finished working with your files, you must exit from your browser, closing all browser windows. That terminates the connection in a way that prevents other people from getting access to your files.
Open Web FolderCreate MyWeb Account:

Please visit Expressions to sign up for hosted web space. Expressions Website