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I am currently a student at the Syracuse University. I am majoring in Accounting, concentrating on getting a CPA license. I am currently a member of Cheon Ji In (the Korean Traditional Drumming Club), and Delta Sigma Pi.

I recently came back from Hong Kong, where I studied abroad for the Fall 2008 semester. I also did an internship with Friends Provident International Hong Kong Office, which is a UK financial services company.

I would appreciate hearing from you about any summer internships at your company, please email me at: jchang07@syr.edu and I would be delighted to e-mail you my resume. I am creating this home page as a part of the MIS325 course that I am finishing in which I got to learn a lot of great applications of information and communication technologies for improving business productivity. This page includes some really neat HTML features including search engine meta-tags and styles. I also got to learn advanced level spreadsheet analysis using Microsoft Excel and also got to learn the basics of database management using Microsoft Access. I am also working in a team project to create a prototype of a real Web business enterprise that will have many realistic capabilities of any good online E-Commerce store including shopping carts and customer interaction forms.


During the last semester I studied and travelled abroad in:

Last year, October, I participated in NYC's Korean Parade.


Listed below are some really useful links that I find helpful as a student at 'SU'.

Useful links at Syracuse University

  1. Mymail

  2. Library

  3. Myslice

  4. BlackBoard

The above links are listed below in this cool colored table to demonstrate some of the exciting stuff that I am learning how to apply for creating a great marketing web site.

    Useful links at Syracuse University



Career Services


Listed below is a link that can show you current time from the server, try clicking it!

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Below I show a really cool analog clock using a java applet that can also be configured to sound chimes etc. If you want to get this clock for your home page, check out: http://javaboutique.internet.com/billsClock/.

Shown below is a really neat application of a Macromedia Flash application that shows the kind of technology that many car web sites use to help their customers interact with the web site to click-and-choose their custom configurations.

I am almost going to be done very soon with completing my home page and fixing the two bugs each of which is worth 1 point of the 10-point grade. The prior statement and the current statement will be deleted in my final home page version: if not done it will cost me 1 point.

WWW web.syr.edu

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